Mariah Carey settles sexual harassment lawsuit with former manager

The legal battle between American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey and her former manager Stella Bulochnikov has finally come to an end.

The 48-year-old singer and her former manager settled the sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed back in April, in which the singer`s ex-manager accused her of sexual harassment, alleging that Carey was often nude in front of her.However, back in April, Bulochnikov`s lawyers filed an order in New York court alleging breach of contract and violation of the U.S. Civil Rights Acts.According to several media reports, Bulochnikov`s lawyers claimed that Carey sexually harassed her by often being naked in front of their client, was also battling with substance abuse and owed her millions of dollars.Shortly after the claims were made by Bulochnikov, Carey`s team released a statement denying the allegations.”

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